Architecture Consultancy


Backend Development

Architecture Consultancy

Rofoz can help your business design backend architectures for mobile APPs, enterprise applications, and IoT solutions.

We are up-to-date with the latest cloud design patterns, and closely follow the trends and practices in the field.

We carefully analyze the needs of your business and design architectures that fit you best. We are pragmatic – our aim is to find solutions for problems, not problems for solutions.

Our experience lies both in start-ups and enterprises. We took part in many projects that started as MVPs which eventually evolved into full-fledged solutions. Evolution takes place in every aspect of software development, and it is one of our core principles.

We believe in collaboration and teamwork. We will utilize our network of software architects and your development team to the maximum to create the best architectures for your solutions.tices in the field.

Backend Development

Besides designing backend architectures, Rofoz can help you “build” complete backend solutions. We know the cloud, and we know how a backend should be.

We build ASP.NET Core / Full Framework Web APIs and services that run on Azure. We leverage Azure products to speed up our development. You don’t want to spend the time building an API gateway and a development portal from scratch when you can already use Azure API Management Platform.

On the IoT side, we can help you manage your devices, collect their data and expose their great features to the outside world via APIs. You just sit back and monitor your dashboards and get amazed by the insights our solutions provide. We use Azure IoT suite components for our IoT solutions and tailor them to your needs.


We love open-source. Nothing beats the feeling of downloading and using a well-maintained, secure open-source package which adds real value and speed. When we design architectures and develop our solutions, we always do our research in the open-source community. Why would you build a complete OpenID Connect framework when there is a complete open-source solution like Identity Server?


Bonfiglioli provides tailor-made industrial solutions that are based on gear motors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters. The Italian company was established in 1956 and currently operates all over the world.

Rofoz develops IoT telemetry solutions for Bonfiglioli using Azure IoT Products for device management, real-time analytics, storage and machine learning.

LeasePlan Digital

LeasePlan is a global fleet management and driver mobility company of Dutch origin established in 1963 and operating in 32 countries.

LeasePlan Digital is the department of LeasePlan which is responsible for the digital transformation of LeasePlan.

Rofoz worked on LeasePlan Digital’s microservice based backend to build various new services. All services were built using .NET Core and deployed on Amazon EC2 using Amazon ECS.



Clay is one of the coolest startups in Amsterdam. It is an IoT company where the “T” stands for smart door locks that can be unlocked with Clay Mobile APPs (iOS, Android).

The locks get connected to the Cloud and managed via the mobile and web APPs.

To have a look at Clay’s cool products visit

Clay Locking Platform (CLP)

Rofoz had the privilege to assist Clay in the design and development of their revolutionary API called Clay Locking Platform (CLP).

CLP enables businesses to incorporate all features of Clay locks into their own platforms/apps.

CLP is built using Microsoft .NET technologies, and it is hosted on Azure.

For more details about CLP visit this link.

CLP Mobile Key (MKey) Feature

Mobile keys are digital keys that are stored on the user’s mobile device. They enable secure access to BLE enabled Clay locks. It’s a feature that completely gets rid of the mechanical key or tag provisioning process for temporary staff and short-term tenants.

Rofoz designed a proprietary PKI solution that provides end to end security between locks and mobile devices of users. The designed solution is the foundation of the MKey feature.

For more details about the CLP Mobile Key feature visit this link.

Communications Server

Rofoz helped Clay with the design and development of the cloud communication server that enables communication with the locks.

It is a .NET based TCP socket server which is able to maintain stable, always-on and secure TCP connections. A single instance of the server is able to handle 1000s of TCP connections with a very low memory footprint.

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